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Drupal Commerce

Dependent Shipping

Commerce flat rate allows for easy shipping methods, like 'Pickup at store'.
But letting your customer fill in a shipping address when he is going to pick it up at store is not exactly what you call usability.
You could disable that pane in checkout settings but when you also have other shipping options, you probably want something more like this:

Disable checkout button in Drupal Commerce

Drupal Commerce allows you to do a lot with rules, like add an extra product (productB) when adding a first product (productA).
But a user could off course delete the extra product (productB) in the cart. We could disable that button with some custom code but that could be unwanted.

Instead we're going to disable the checkout button with a simple hook_form_alter.

Simple and effective, but it would be even better if it could be done via a rule, maybe an idea for a contrib module.